About Us

Eco-Flex is a Ukrainian producing company with its own complete manufacturing cycle, facilities located in Kharkiv. LLC Eco-Flex specializes in manufacturing and selling stainless steel hoses and products therefrom. 

Company offers a wide range of products produced from the corrugated steel hoses.
For next appliances:

Sprinkler systems;
Solar systems;

Heating equipment ;
Cooling equipment;
Boiler hoses;
Metal hoses braided/unbraided.

As a manufacturer Eco-Flex LLC is the biggest supplier of the metal hoses in Ukraine. As well company has long term and stable business relationships with manufactures of heating equipment and stainless steel hoses around the world.

An important factor is that Eco-Flex LLC provides technical support of our application engineers from the beginning of your order till the end of installation.


Company history

The history of Eco-Flex Company began in 2007, when our TM was founded and registered. Only 3 years later in 2010 we became The Ukrainian market leader with stainless hoses for gas and water, also this year was marked as beginning of cooperation with producers of heat equipment. In 2012/2013 Eco-Flex started its own overall manufacture of stainless steel metal hoses and products therefrom. 2016 was admitted as start of international trade. Our company began cooperation and contract relationships with European countries. Every day our application engineers had been working for development and improvement of our products and as a result in 2018 we started manufacturing of braided metal hoses.