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An example of an assembly item index

The assembly item index system is general for high-pressure hoses and metal hoses to manufacture heat-exchange equipment, however, in the case of high-pressure hoses, single-braid or double-braid metal hoses are applied, and only no-braid metal hoses are applied to manufacture heat exchangers.

The high-pressure hose index with a nominal diameter of 25 mm at pressure of 46 atm, operating temperature of 200 ° C, and with fittings as a nut (BSP) / a connection pipe (BSP):

Product Marking

ECF 02.1.DN25-F7/F14-1500


Manufacturer name


Metal hose type according to the description - Standard metal hose - standard flexibility in single braiding


Nominal metal hose size - DN25


Terminal fitting types - according to the types of connecting fittings, F7 - Fitting with external pipe thread (BSP), F14 - Fitting with flat nipple and pipe thread union nut (BSP)


Item overall length in mm - 1500 mm