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High-pressure Metal Hoses

High-pressure Metal Hoses

Designed to transport liquid and gaseous environments. Applied for thermal and mounting distortion compensation of rigid piping systems in addition to dampening pulsations produced by compressor and pumping equipment.

Application area:
-Transportation of liquid and gaseous substances
-Can be used for indemnification temperature and assembly deformations of tough pipeline systems
-For ripple damping from compressor and pumping equipment

- Bend is allowed
- Convenient and mobile during installation
- Can be used multiple due to the long working life
- Easy to install
- Resistant to different environment
- There is no necessity of welding work at dangerous facilities
- Provide secure connection of moving equipment


Hose material AISI 304, AISI 316L;
Braid material AISI 304;
Fitting material according to the customer’s requirements
Diameter from Dn6 to Dn150
Working pressure from vacuum to 250 Bar;
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