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Profi System Manual

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1. Step One.
 Step One

To measure the required length of metal hose.


The finished product should be 4 turns longer than necessary.

2. Step Two.
Step Two

To cut off the required length of the metal hose using a tube cutter.

3. Step Three.
Step Three

To fit a nut. The metal hose should be gripped with a nozzle for shock flaring of the appropriate diameter so that to have two outside turns.


The nut should be threaded outwards.

4. Step four.
Step four

To insert the nozzle into the shock flaring. To form a flange with a few strokes at the end of the pipe..


The quality of the formed flange should be checked. The flange should have a plain and smooth edge of surface so that the gasket would fit tightly. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated.

5. Step five.
Step five

To insert the locking segment immediately after the flange and clamp it

6. Step six.
Step six

To move the nut to the metal hose edge and install it in the middle of the nut.


To check if the gasket fits tightly to the formed flange. If it is necessary to connect with the external thread, it is required to use a sanitary thick-walled nipple “under the gasket”.